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Inti Rowland's first three short films form a trilogy of stories that are connected thematically. They are all semi-autobiographical and tackle the themes of birth, identity, fatherlessness, childhood and un-conventional families.


All of them are available to watch, please use the contact below for private streaming links.

P A R T  1 
L O V E   F R O M   S A N T I A G O
( 2 0 1 9 )

A young woman escapes an abusive relationship, creeping out in the early morning she flees into the Chilean desert. Travelling across the country she makes a break for a new life, in the early stages of pregnancy.

MM LANDSCAPE poster 2.jpg
P A R T  2 
M O O N   M O U N T A I N
             ( 2 0 2 2 )

Living in a small bedsit with her mum, a young child creates an imaginary world for her absent father. On the night of her seventh birthday she runs away with her friend, in search of her dad and the make believe world he inhabits. 

BTTYCL Landscape Poster.jpg
P A R T  3 
B Y   T H E   T I M E   I   C A M E   L O O K I N G     Y O U   W E R E   A L R E A D Y   G O N E
( 2 0 2 3 )

A young man goes on a journey to a far away country, searching for the father he has never known. 

T R A I L E R S   &   S H O W R E E L
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All Videos

Inti 0179.jpg

I N T I    R O W L A N D

W r i t e r  /  D i r e c t o r

Inti is a British/Chilean multi award winning filmmaker and musician living and working in London. He was born in Chile to a travelling painter of a mother and a musician and dysfunctional alcoholic of a father. He moved back to the UK as a small child and was raised by his single mother in London.


After a brief stint studying fine art at school, Inti left to pursue a career as a musician, where he spent several years writing and recording, releasing records to critical acclaim and touring internationally. Throughout this time he began to work more and more with film as a medium, creating visualisers and music videos both for his own music and on commission for other artists and record labels. 

In 2018 Inti embarked on the creation of Love From Santiago, his debut short film, a story based on his own mothers experience at the hands of his father. A project that brought together for the first time, his work in both the mediums he has dedicated his life to practising, film and music. Through this unique approach to storytelling, he unites the emotional language of these two incredibly powerful art forms. 

‘Love From Santiago’ picked up the awards for ‘best short film’ at the Santa Fe film festival (2020) and the Medellin International film festival (2019). It won ‘best short based on a true story’ at the New Renaissance film festival (2020) and received a silver film award at the Kyiv International film festival (2020). The film has achieved official selection at Oscar & BAFTA qualifying film festivals and has screened in Europe, the USA and Latin America.

Inti has recently completed post production on his second short film, Moon Mountain, due to hit the festival circuit in 2023. 

His third short film 'By the time I came looking, you were already gone' was shot on location in Chile in 2023. This film marks the third part of a trilogy of stories that have been his first three films. They are connected thematically and are all semi-autobiographical, tackling the themes of fatherlessness, identity, childhood and un-conventional families. 


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